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    When I started designing men's streetwear 14 years ago, girls would ask, "Why don't you make The Hundreds women's?" As streetwear’s popularity rose in high fashion, the requests overflowed. Truth is, I didn’t feel like I had much to contribute to the women’s space, outside of capitalizing on a market. My first rule of design is to have something to say. When it came to women’s fashion, I was speechless.

    I'd also point to the fact that the large majority of fashion was already dedicated to the female consumer and men could use a clothing brand just for them. The Hundreds was one of those rare playgrounds where fashion conscious dudes could play, and not get teased for it.

    A lot has changed since 2003. Society has long abandoned the "metrosexual" pejorative. Sneaker-collecting ushered men into street fashion, then runway, and now it's widely acceptable for a guy to be as into clothes as his girlfriend. So much so, that unisex and gender-neutral are trendy taglines in the marketplace. And women have gone from borrowing their boyfriend's streetwear T-shirt, to buying it for themselves.

    Which, made me wonder: How come it's okay - trendy, even - for girls to covet their guy's clothes, but not the other way around? Isn't it time for a women's label that men beg for?

    For the first time, I was interested in making a statement in women's apparel. We began post-election with our signature “Girlfriend Hoodie,” a response to a boyfriend’s jean. This oversized sweatshirt can be worn by a guy, but is tailored for a woman. Next, we introduced our custom T-shirt. It’s boxy, uniquely 14 single, feels like your favorite vintage ‘80s tee while being brand new at the same time. Our latest offering is the Daughter Hat (vs. the Dad Hat). Piece by piece, I built The Hundreds from graphic T-shirts to denim to a global streetwear brand. I’m looking to tell a similar story here – one that unfolds and evolves with time.

    JENNIFER™ is clothing for women, designed in Los Angeles by me. And I wanna open up the conversation.

    Meet JENNIFER™.

    Bobby Hundreds